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Regatta Results… A Battle of Attrition

The Fort Stevenson Regatta became a battle of attrition Saturday with the hot weather and light (if any) wind conditions forcing most sailors to (wisely) abandon the race in favor of soaking in the lake or moving more quickly under power towards air conditioning.

After a delayed start due to a passing thunderstorm, the fleet of 20 boats got underway with a comfortable 10 mph West wind, but on rounding the 1st mark at Prairie Dog Island, the wind all but evaporated. Midway through the second leg it was decided that all boats that had yet to abandon the race would have their time recorded at the second mark, thus cutting the race short one leg.

Here are the official, yet informal results.

  1. Sovereign, Captain Mike Quinn — 2:02.00
    • 1a.   Tornado Cat, Captain Bruce Smith — Time Unknown, but past the second mark when the race was shortened.
  2. Czechmate II, Captain Dan Vondrachek —  2:45.02
  3. Oriental Musician, Captain Dennis Wolsky — 2:54.00
  4. Cal 27, Captain Warren Graves — 2:57.07
  5. Serious Relaxation, Captain Tom Lynch — 3:03.34
  6. Chaud Rouge, Captain Curt Kumpf —  3:04.20
  7. Hunter 260, Captain Curtis Smith —   4:17.55

A good time seemed to be had by all, and there seems to be much enthusiasm among the group to make this an annual if not more often event.  We look forward to seeing everyone on the water next year!

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